Coca-Cola Creations K-Wave

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It's hard to talk about this one without talking about the packaging first. This is one of the Coke Creations offerings that is available only on the official Coca-Cola online store and arrives as a wonderfully decorated cube. Opening it up we find a sheet of puffy stickers, an invitation to a streaming concert of some pretty big name k-pop artists for June 2, 2024, and four cans of K-Wave precisely facing exactly front so that when you peer through the open portions of the upper cardboard the label was perfectly visible through it. Over all it is one of the best packages I've ever gotten for a soda, except possibly one of the early mixed cases of Deadworld Soda. On to the soda itself!

Very sweet. I could not place the flavor initially. The insert very "helpfully" has the phrase "Fruity Fantasy Flavored" and fruit, or a scientifically engineered flavor cognate, is absolutely involved but somewhat hard to pin down past that. It finally resolved for me on the third or fourth sip: circus peanuts! What we have here is banana flavored coke and, depending on your view of artificial banana flavor, it is not terrible. As with every flavor in the Creations line, the predominant flavor is never the only one present and this is no exception. Lurking around the edges of the banana are possibly some mint or eucalyptus to add some complexity near the middle and medium finish. That finish is difficult to describe. It is neither good, nor bad. Not too long, but definitely not too short. Quite complex overall and one of the saving graces or prime sins of what I am sure will be a very controversial flavor. Ok.

Purchased from the Coca-Cola Store